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 (UPDATED April 28 2024)

It's almost May now, and finally time is being dedicated to update and do some maintenance on this site. The last two years have seen a great deal of time given over to several commitments and events that have burned away many hours; this was not in keeping with the original plan. However, Life happens. No new piano pieces have been written in almost two years, and I have missed being able to put thought to pencil for far too long.

Not to say that sounds and musical lines that I hear in my mind throughout the day are not being given shape and design. It seems I am still able to configure these into planned ideas that can be translated into strokes on paper.
It is my hope that, beginning soon, I will once again sit down at my keyboards and desk and work towards completing the 26 ACTS project begun over ten years ago.  After years passed of the writing of a Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis, I decided that some revision would be timely and helpful.  That work is now completed, and an updated file has replaced the original version (from May 2002).

I will continue to try to bring things in this site - at least a little bit at a time  - up-to-date. I've worked out modifications to the menus on the top of each page, which includes adding a RECORDINGS category and re-arranging the SCORES menus on those particular pages. I will continue to update page notes and descriptions while removing some of the older news items. The site should shrink to some extent.

Back in August of 2021 Back in August of 2021, I found an opportunity to review the "MUSIC for a WEDDING" recordings created almost 9 years earlier. For most of those songs I was able to upgrade the overall sound and performance quality. Check them out at the top of the  MP3-VID PAGE.

In April 2019,  I had mentioned that, during our move back to Toronto, we had discovered a box of cassette recordings, some of which go back to the late 1970's.  Some of these recordings were of Ron performing in organ recitals at Yorkminster Park, as well as preludes and music for services throughout the church seasons.  Since that time the files have been digitized and organized, with links to some of these which are currently placed on the MP3 page.

Along with those recordings, I have inserted on the Organ Scores Page two MP3 links of recordings for Poème de la Trinité
and Time, Like an Ever Rolling Stream.  I do wish the recording quality was better, but the tapes, complete with background service noises are on the old side -- and to be honest, I'm surprised that there are any discernabe sounds at all.

Meanwhile, excerpts from the previous reel-to-reel tapes from solo piano recitals in 1970, 1973, 1975, and 2004 are still located at the bottom of the MP3-VID page, along with videos of Ron's performances in the 2012 Chicago Amateur Piano Competition (open and semi-final) and his performance at the U of T Senior College in February 2014.


This has happened...

(UPDATED March 2024)


I've been thinking that this site may be turning into an information source that will offer less and less of  "announcments of upcoming performances or events" or a "newsletter of new things to come", but rather it is turning away from that and becoming more of an archive of things past.  Only once in a while can I see an ability to give information regarding anything new or that is about to happen. 
Time will tell...



2020 was definitely a year where we had been forced to accept change and distraction in our everyday lives, our attentions diverted, the feelings that we may have been cheated of the things and people that we hold dear.  And yet, we are and continue to be challenged to pass time as pleasantly as possible, and to find new mental and physical resources to create succesful achievements in our ongoing efforts.

Now, we had CHRISTMAS in 2020 (and 2021 and 2022) as other opportunities to spread comfort and cheer to others, to confirm our beliefs and strengthen our knowledge.  And so for all the years thereafter, we wish for everyone to have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and  (lest we forget) a HAPPY NEW YEAR to come.  "Let your heart be light; next  year all our troubles will be out of sight."

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (MP3) 


took place on Friday, November 22nd, 2020 at the Don Wright Faculty of Music, Western University in London, ON at 12:30pm.  Pianist and Assistant Professor Christine Tithecott joined forces with French Hornist Ron George along with other friends and faculty members to perform a one hour concert  with the intention to "... focus on fantastic contemporary repertoire!."  Their performance of the above work can be heard by clicking here.


I continue to be surprised that the two recordings of Anthems (Bless Ye the Lord in 1991) and Hymns (The Joy of God in 1994) are still garnering air time on the other side of the world, often four or more times per year.  Check out  one of the "Hymns on Sunday" broadcasts from January 22, 2023 (midway through the list of hymns for that program) on Radio New Zealand (RNZ).
It should also be noted that both CD's have found their way toYOUTUBE
(see the CD's and Records Menu> for precise links) and SPOTIFY - search Yorkminster Park Yorkminster Park.


In the Works


(UPDATED August 2023)


Work will soon continue on the  26ACTS  project.  Two years ago I was happy to say that the final edit for Number 18 was completed (though No. 17 still is not).  It has been published to the Piano Scores Page on this site along with a coresponding sound file (MP3 - edited recording).  Numbers 14 to 16 audio files were completed earlier in 2020 and also added to the site.  Audio files for Numbers 11 (finished in 2018), 12 (completed in 2017) and 13 (completed in 2019) were previously  added to the PIANO SCORES page after a long editing process that required me to learn the best way to play the pieces.  MP3s for  Numbers 11, 12, and 13 have also been finalized. 

An MP3 was created for Number 1 in 2019 (some 6 years after writing) and has been attached to the PIANO SCORES page.

 "26ACTS" was begun in January 2013.  The first six pieces  were added in March of 2014 to the site and numbers 7 to 13 followed in throughout the years up to 2019. Number 14 was added January 2020 and Numbers 15 in  and 16 in 2021, with number 18 also added in July of that same year.  MP3 sound files, some of which are computer-generated (with edits) while others are edited performance, are attached to the each score as a rough indication of what each piece might sound like.  Minor revisions to some scores were made in December 2014, and again in July 2015, June 2018 and January 2019 -- please be sure to check the title page to ensure that the latest updates have been made available.  Click on the button(s) below to access, or go through the SCORES MENU above.

Work continues slowly (sigh), with Number 17 still in process.



Ron, as ORGANIST, had to find and polish up his old shoes to act  as supply organist and pianist for five months at St. Matthew's Riverdal Anglican Church from January 2022 to the end of  May of the same year. Ron has also been known to occasionally substitute at  Rosedale Presbyterian Church which is located very close to his home.










About Ron

Ron Jordan, MusBac (Performance), FRCCO (Ch.M)
Known as one of Toronto's best accompanists for almost four decades, Ron continues as a concert pianist, composer, teacher, organist and choral conductor.  He is currently living in Toronto Ontario, Canada.



Old Stuff Gone By...


As part of the MasterClass Players annual concert for C-CAVE (Rosedale United Church) in November 2017, Ron was able to perform the 3rd and 4th movements from the 6th Sonata by Sergei Prokovief.  He performed the same two movements for the MCP's concert at the Northern District Library  in January 2018.

As part of the repertoire for the Feb 18, 2016 recital with Fergus McWilliam (French Horn performer at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra  and with the Berlin Philharmonic Quintet), he requested that we perform a small work I had written for him way back in 1972.  After reviewing the score, I made a few corrections and fixed some of the printing errors resulting from past software updates.  A new revision (November 2015) has been placed on the Instrumental Scores Page. Use the SCORES Menu above to access the revision.

That February 18th concert included the Sonata for Piano and Horn (Beethoven), Laudatio for Horn Solo (Bernhard Krol), and the Theme and Four Variations for Horn and Piano (Jordan).





Photo from the premier performance of  The Foal Ambles (Piano Duet) that took place in the store window of Paul Hahn & Associates  on June 1, 2013 - with Kathleen Penny.